Thursday, December 7, 2006

Church of England

Sorry for multiple posts in a day, but an interesting article popped into my Inbox.

The July 2006 issue of Masonic Quarterly magazine has a lead issue on the most famous English Churchman to become a Freemason. The article, tracks the life of the Right Honourable and Most Reverend Dr Geoffrey Francis Fisher. I've summarized a few points here.

He was ordained as a priest in 1913 and a year later was appointed Headmaster of Repton, a public school in Derbyshire.

Bro. Fisher was initiated into Freemasonry into Old Reptonian Lodge, No. 3725 in Freemasons' Hall, London in 1916.

His clerical career proceeded along nicely with his promotion to the Bishop of Chester in 1932. Meanwhile his Masonic career also continued as he was elected Master of his lodge in 1935 and appointed Provincial Grand Chaplain a year later. He was given the rank of Grand Chaplain of the UGLE in 1937.

After World War II, Geoffrey Fisher was appointed as the Archbishop of Cantebury and held the office until 1961. Throughout his appointment as Archbishop, Bro Fisher continued to be active in Freemasonry even unto his death in 1972.
It's a fantastic article and MQ is a must-read for any Freemason.

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