Sunday, December 3, 2006

News & Events -- December 1, 2006

Times running out for you and your best beloved if you want to go to the Lodge Pattaya West Winds Ladies Night. Please contact the lodge secretary for details at

Requests have come in from the web about Chiang Mai. Any brethren in the area interested in getting together drop me a line at

Don't forget to book your place for the annual St John's Festival at the Lodge St. John Masonic Hall. Please contact the secretary at for details.
Speaking of Lodge St. John, they are finally on the web. Click for details. Thanks for the plug guys.

Finally, you may have noticed the tasteful and interesting ads that have been added to the site. Clicking these ads provides you with a free look at interesting products and services and provides this web page with a few pennies to pay for its upkeep. There's no cost to you and you might actually learn something (like how the Illuminati and Freemasons have conspired to rule the world). I've tried to fix them so that you won't see any ads from lovely, Thai women seeking rich, foreign husbands. If you see any ads you object to, let me know. I'll filter them.

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