Tuesday, March 20, 2007

LPWW March Meeting

This just in from our friends in the east (Thailand, that is).

Dear Sir and Brother,

Find attached herewith the Invitation and Summons, circulated by email for the Regular Meeting to be held on Saturday, 14th April 2007 in Pattaya.

To Lodge Members: Just a reminder, that if you are not attending the Masonic meeting and Harmony, can you please inform the Bro. Secretary and apologize accordingly. If no notification is forthcoming dinner will be ordered for you.

To all Masonic visitors.
If you intend to visit LPWW on Saturday, 14th April 2007 and attend the Meeting and Harmony, can inform
Bro. Secretary accordingly.
At the Harmony, our RWM will continue with his RWM's Charity Appeal for 2007, which is for the Jester's Care for Kids Charity, Pattaya.

Visit www.thaifreemason.com

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