Friday, March 9, 2007

Masonic Scams

Brethren all,

I was a bit surprised this morning to find both GLoS and UGLE reporting internet Masonic scams. This seems to be similar to the old "Nigerian" scam where instead of helping somebody spirit millions of dollars out of Nigeria, you're the sudden and unexpected recipient of a reward.

From the examples on the UGLE site, it seems to be targeted to non-Masons. The wording alone is enough to alarm any Mason, but the profane might be taken in.

"Take due notice and guard yourself accordingly.'


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The Private intellectual. said...

That's truly excellent! I haven't received the Masons fraud letter as yet, but I live in hope. I received a version of thew Nigerian Scam (419 scam) through the post this morning, from South Africa, and have a reply here:

I would normally sign in with my real website name and details, but you don't accept them, so here is a faked (that is, an old, out of date and forgotten) set.