Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mystery of the Traveling Gavel

Brethren all,
Looks like our brethren in Texas have been having vicarious adventures through a piece of wood.  Read the story below and if you know the whereabouts of the mysterious traveling gavel of Ennis Lodge, then email Cecil Curry and let him know.

Since this media reaches the far flung recesses of Masonry, perhaps it can assist in tracking down a Traveling Gavel that began it's journey at Ennis Lodge # 369 in Ennis, TX.
In 1993, our Lodge presented the gavel to Concord Lodge (if memory serves me) in Virginia. The gavel was accompanied by a notebook with the history(however brief , at the time) and a log for tracking it's journey .
The original intent ,was for the gavel to work it's way from the East Coast to Texas and then maybe westward and finally winding back up in Ennis for display, story-telling and bragging rights! Alas, as often happens, plans changed!  After touring Virginia and Maryland our little gavel "Jumped" the Pond and landed in Scotland. At that time we lost track of it for a couple of years. When we next heard from her (the gavel) she was enjoying the hospitality of Mary St. Coltness Lodge. From there she made the jaunt to Merry Old England where we again lost touch with her. This was around 2003. The last clue we have, was that she was to be presented a Brother who is/was a commercial airline pilot who was to take her to Australia.
If anyone has any information as to her present day whereabouts, I would greatly appreciate an e-mail or snail mail or fax. If the notebook is still with her it would make for nice short program for our Lodge. Any help will be greatly appreciated! 
S&F cecil

Best regards,

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