Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lodge Star in the East Meeting

Brethren all,

The world's only English speaking French lodge, R.L. Star in the East, No. 1600 (GNLF) will meet on Friday, September 21st at the Lodge St John Masonic Hall in Bangkok. In addition to an initation, the lodge will host the Grand Inspector for Southeast Asia who will deliver a lecture.

Please contact the Lodge Secretary to secure your place for what will surely be a memorable evening.

Visit www.thaifreemason.com

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L.Oriente said...

Just found your site and want to let warm and fraternal salutes from Lodge Light of the Oriente (Macau) a lodge in process of installation under the jurisdiction of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal (Regular). Our Lodge meets in the third Saturday of every month in Macau SAR (China). All Brethren of Star in the East are invited.