Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lodge St John Ladies Evening -- 1959

Brethren all,

I was just trolling around on the web when I came across something interesting. It's a letter from a British Embassy wife, who along with her husband were guests of R. W. M. Bill Jervis at the 1959 Lodge St John Ladies Evening.

Anyone who has endured one of these will immediately recognize the first few paragraphs: enduring hot, stuffy ballrooms; standing for toasts; devouring tons of food; standing for more toasts; and finally the elegant witty reply on behalf of the ladies assembled. The one major difference is the dancing after the dinner.

It's beautifully described in detail. It just makes you want to swat the mosquitoes while you're reading it.

The second part of the letter describes a Thai wedding in the same beautiful detail.

Please give it a look.

Best regards,



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