Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Steward's Catechism

Brethren all,

This is extremely top secret! A brother in Bangkok has uncovered the lost Masonic texts of the Bar Steward. Herewith for the first time (today) is published ...


Q1. How were you first prepared to be made a Steward?

A My coat sleeves, shirtsleeves and vest sleeves were rolled up and a corkscrew placed in my hand.

Q2. What is a corkscrew?

A An instrument fashioned like a winding staircase which our ancient Brethren ascended to receive their beer.

Q3. Where did they receive it?

A In a convivial room above the Chamber.

Q4. How did they receive it?

A In half Tankards and Tankards.

Q5 Why in this peculiar manner?

A. In half Tankards well knowing that they could be replenished and in Tankards from the great reliance they placed in the strength of the brew in those days.

Q6. Name the two advertisements that hung at the door or entrance to the Chamber?

A That on the left was Bass and that on the right Guinness.

Q7. What are their separate and joint significations?

A The former denotes number 1, the latter XXX and when taken together – instability.

Q8. What is beer?

A A peculiar product of chemistry veiled in mystery and illustrated by labels.

Q9. How is it illustrated?

A By a sprig of hops close to a barrel of water.

Forwarded to me by a brother who got it from a brother who got it...


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