Thursday, April 3, 2008

Do Masons Hate God?

One of my roles as the tyrannical webmaster of this site, is to continually monitor traffic sources to make sure I've got the right meta tags to help people find the site in search engines. Most people find our site by using some combination of "Thailand, Freemason, Bangkok" and "Pattaya". However there are some interesting searches that result in people stumbling over us.

One recent search from the UK was "Do Masons Hate God". That shocked me. I've been a Mason for ten years and know a bit about the history, philosophy and intent of our organization. I've had the great fortune to meet and befriend everyone from the newest Entered Apprentices to sagest Grand Masters all over the world. Never have I met a Mason who could be described as hating God.

Recreating this search reveals excellent sites like mine (grin) as well as very informative sites from various Grand Lodges.

Unfortunately it also reveals the extent to which some people believe we are part of a great, global, Satanic conspiracy to control the world and/or destroy a specific religion. Many of these idiots seem to be using the same playbook. That would be some combination of the Taxil Hoax and Stephen Knight's The Brotherhood. These lies have been refuted so many times that I need not go through them again here. But the point is that there are people out there so insecure about their beliefs or their situation in life that they're looking for the someone to blame. Masonry is a big, fat target given our global reach and the celebrity of some of our members. Also the fact that we allow men of different religions to join our order seems to be a direct attack on certain religious fundamentalists.

As for me, I'm proud to be a Mason. I'm proud of the history of our order and the fact that we were the first organization that allowed men of different religions to meet and befriend each other. I'm overjoyed when I travel to a foreign country and am able to find good men in the lodges there. I love the beautiful lectures of our degrees which promote candidates to study their chosen religion and stand in awe at the majesty of our creator.

So to answer the searcher's question, "do Masons hate God?" No.


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