Saturday, April 5, 2008

Workman Unashamed

I have long loved Kit Haffner's books on Freemasonry in Asia. He's a quick witted, succinct writer with a gift for making what is often very dry history come alive.

Christopher "Kit" Haffner was a long time resident and Freemason in Hong Kong. He joined lodges in the English, Scottish and Irish constitutions and eventually was elevated to the title of District Grand Master (English).

Previously to buy one of his books, you needed to go to Zetland Hall in Hong Kong. Now however, they appear to be popping up on the web in greater numbers.

Kit's final book on Freemasonry is Workman Unashamed. In it, he refutes Christian arguments against the Craft with skill and wit. And its a shame, really. Such was the extent of the anti-Masonic bigotry in his church, that he had to completely resign from the Craft in order to take a ministerial post. Please be sure to check out Kit's final work on the Craft he loved so well.


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