Thursday, October 9, 2008

Temple Hall Preserved in Pakistan

Brethren all,

Some very good news from Pakistan. A 150 year old Masonic Temple has been saved from the wrecking ball in Karachi, Pakistan. The building is currently home of the Sindh Wildlife Department.

From the article:
The history of the building reveals that the Freemasons used it as a meeting place till the late eighteenth century. In 1820, it was converted into a Masonic Temple but in 1880, it was again converted into Lodge Hope. The office bearers of the time installed marble nameplates, revealing the history of the building and these plates are still in place.

The building was declared a protected heritage site in 1994, but still just missed the wrecking ball. So, let's be thankful that this apparently beautiful structure with such a rich history in the Craft has been saved.


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