Tuesday, December 9, 2008

St John's Day

Brethren all,

We're getting ready to see yet another reminder of why being a Freemason in Thailand is a wonderful thing. For the past few years, two lodges from two different Grand Lodges (and languages) have joined together to celebrate the Feast of St John the Evangelist.

Lodge St John, No 1072 SC is the kingdom's oldest lodge. They hold their annual elections every year on St Johns Day. R.L. Star in the East, No. 1600 GLNF is the kingdom's newest lodge and the world's only English speaking GLNF (French) lodge. Star and the other GLNF lodges hold a table lodge on both St John Days each year.

In recent years, both lodges have celebrated together. This year, the joint celebration will be on December 29th at the Lodge St John Masonic Hall in Bangkok. The evening will start of at 18:30 with the Lodge St John elections and will be followed by the actual festival downstairs led by Star in the East at 20:30.

I've been to a few of these events and I've always enjoyed them. Its a wonderful evening of Masonic fellowship, good food, good wine and lively discussion.

If you're in Bangkok and would like to attend, please contact the Star in the East Secretary for cost, menu and details.


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