Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Robbie Burns

Brethren all,

I was delighted to hear that a collection of Robbie Burns' artefacts have been brought together and will be touring the UK in honor of this, the 250th anniversary of his birth. Those of us not in the UK can see a collection of the more interesting objects online at the BBC.

Burns was of course, the National Bard of Scotland, author of Auld Lang Syne and an avid Freemason.

The Grand Lodge of Scotland are pulling out all the stops this year to celebrate Bro. Burns. Grand Lodge commissioned a double CD on the impact of Freemasonry on on the life and work of Brother Robert Burns. Grand Lodge assure us this is a "handsome and informative product" which coincidentally is available at their online store for GBP14.99. Shipping (and customs duty) will probably add a bit more to the total.


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