Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aussie Brethren in Need!

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin of the Grand Lodge of West Australia

The Flames from Hell

Victorian Bush Fire Relief Appeal

Our Victorian brethren are in shock! The full horror of the burning fury, which may have been
created by twisted human minds, is yet to be revealed. Even so, we know more than enough. We
know that many have lost their lives, many are seriously injured, and more yet have lost
everything they own.

It is simply not possible to provide meaningful comfort to those who suffer the loss of loved ones,
but it is possible to provide relief for the care and future wellbeing of the survivors. Money is
desperately needed and, regardless of how much is raised, you may be assured that every last cent will be utilised.

Unless one has had the tragic experience of losing a home, and all it contains, it is very hard to
imagine the number of years it takes to replace the material possessions that we regard as being the essentials of everyday life. The irreplaceable, personal treasures really are irreplaceable. The
photos, the lock of baby’s hair, the wedding veil and the love letters, are never to be returned, no
matter how hard one works in the years that lie ahead.

As the days unfold, we will hear more horror stories of despair and misery, and many of these
stories will involve our Victorian brethren. We are still awaiting a complete account from the
Grand Lodge of Victoria but we were fully aware that the Western Australian brethren would not wish to wait. We have therefore already pledged our fullest support to give them all the help that we in the West can muster.

Brethren, send whatever amount of money you can afford to the appeal, and please send it as soon as you possibly can! You can also be assured that it will be administered with great love and care for the relief of our distressed Masonic brethren and their families.

Please make cheques payable to: The Grand Lodge
and mark on the back ‘Bush Fire Appeal’

Post to: Grand Lodge, PO Box 691, Victoria Park 6979.


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