Thursday, February 5, 2009

News from the Neighborhood

Just when things feel like they're settling down, we see news articles like this.

The Jakarta Globe published the article on 1 Feb which is effectively a press release from a radical Islamic group demanding that Indonesians leave Rotary and Lions Clubs. Seems as though these clubs are "linked to the Zionist and the Freemasonry movements and secretly supported Israel."

Though we do have both Rotarians and Lions among our members, I don't recall any funds flowing from their clubs into our coffers. Better check with our Treasurer again!

Seriously though, this article (and the fact that it was published as news in Jakarta) remind us to be cautious. We need to promote Masonry in Thailand, but need to be aware that not everyone feels as warmly about Masonry as we do. Take care and govern yourself accordingly!


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