Friday, September 11, 2009

Brown Blitz Begins

Brethren all,

This week starts the public relations blitz ahead of Dan Brown's new novel, The Lost Symbol. The novel apparently deals with Freemasonry and is centered in Washington D.C. Anyone with an internet connection and a search engine knows there are numerous Masonic connections to D.C. , some real, some imagined. No doubt Brown will stretch imagination further with his new book.

In celebration of the book, The Washington Post offers an article on the book and a photo tour of Masonic D.C. The photos feature shots of the Washington Masonic Memorial and shots of the House of the Temple. Very nice indeed.

Masons in D.C. are gearing up for a huge spike in tourism similar to that seen in France after Brown's previous book, The DaVinci Code. The House of the Temple are getting ready to double their number of tour guides to cope with the expected surge of tourists.
The book is released in the US on 15th September. You can go to the author's web site and see an animated swirl of nonsensical symbols, but nothing at all about the book. Enjoy!



Jim said...

I'll likely post this comment countless times....

Just remember that Dan Brown is a fiction writer. This was illustrated in "The DaVinci Code". Unfortunately, not everyone understood that fact. The same will be true with "The Lost Symbol". Questions will be raised, rumors will spread, and disinformation will abound. But the fact remains that this is a work of fiction.

The Editors said...

Very true Jim. But if history repeats itself, we'll see some very uninformed brethren and "civilians" biting down on every aspect of this book.

Then we'll see a flurry of books expounding on the "truths" uncovered in the book. Another flurry of books countering the hopelessly weak theories.

In short, everyone will have something to say about something in this book.

The least we can do as Masons is to be informed about what we believe.

Of course there's the other maxim about not arguing with lunatics...because it makes you look like a lunatic.