Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Lost Symbol and Freemasonry

Brethren all,

This just in from the Masonic Services Association ...

The Masonic Society, the Masonic Service Association and the George Washington Masonic Memorial have collaborated on a new website that will address the references to Freemasonry found in Dan Brown's new novel, "The Lost Symbol."

The website is being provided for the use of lodges and grand lodges to provide factual information to the public and the press, and as a central location for common questions and answers that will arise once the book is officially released on September 13th. The desire of TMS, MSA and the GWMM is to inform the public and Freemasons themselves about the references to the fraternity in the book.

Currently the site provides basic information on the genesis of Brown's book as well as overviews of Craft Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite. Perhaps best of all is the list of recommended reading material at the bottom of the page. That's worth a click in itself.


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