Saturday, September 26, 2009

Secrets of D.C.'s Masonic Wives Revealed

Brethren all,

This amusing article from the Washington Post does a great job of sympathizing with Masonic Widows (more along the lines of "Golf Widows") and deflating the self-importance of most of us Masons. Its a fun read.

By the way, Heather Calloway is the delightful, Director of Special Programs for the House of the Temple in D.C. Our Scottish Rite brethren can often find interesting, historical articles in the Rite's magazine.


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big_berto said...

ha ha ha! might be true. as for me, i think my wife preferred me having joined the craft. kind of gives him a feeling of security to know that i am in the company of good men.

i'm here in thailand for the bangkok talks on climate change. I would have loved to meet the brothers here in bangkok but i'm afraid that might not be possible now. its good to know that the craft is at work here. may be some other time.

bro. shubert ciencia
model lodge no. 373
grand lodge of the philippines