Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Square Comedian

Brethren all,

Although I don't get BBC Wales on the TV in my secret, underground, far-western hideout, this looks interesting!

Portrait of a Freemason: Comedian, Lloyd Davies

"I went along to watch some football the other day, I asked a guy on the side-line 'Who's playing?' he said 'the knights templar and the freemasons' so I asked what the score was and he said 'nobody knows 'cos it's secret'... "

Stand-up comedian Lloyd Davies, from Neath, talks about why and how he became a freemason. BBC Wales' Week In Week Out programme has been given exclusive access to film masons - to get inside the world of the 20,000 freemasons in Wales, and to try to unravel the fact from the fiction.  The programme will be shown on BBC1 Wales on 2 March at 22.35 GMT.


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