Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Anti-Masons Don't Spell Real Good

The internet is a wild and wonderful place filled with amazing information.  Amazing for the depths of depravity and vile innuendo commonly seen on sites purporting to 'expose' the evil intentions of various groups.  This is especially true for most anti-Masonic web sites.  These sites are often filled with the same vile lies, exaggerations and half truths that have been around since Taxil.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you manage to find a gem among the feces.  Such was my delight to discover this site on Hub Pages.  This page has been around for awhile, but it treats anti-Masonic hysteria with a bit of tongue in cheek.  But more interesting than the page itself are the comments below.  Maybe I'm swayed by my built-in pro-Masonic leanings, but all of the anti-Masonic comments are horribly misspelled, grammatically challenged, logic-less streams of delirium   By contrast the comments from Masons are reasoned and logical.  Oh and they're spelled correctly too.

Take a look for yourself.

The Thai Freemason is the independent voice of Freemasonry in Thailand.

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