Friday, May 20, 2011

Archbishop Prompted Resignation

Brethren all,

As a follow-up to the story from 16th May, the Church Times provides a bit more background. Rev Baker was not only an ardent Freemason, he was according to the article, the Assistant Grand Chaplain for the UGLE (alas, I'm unable to confirm this).

In the article, Rev. Baker defends his membership in the Craft and denies that it is incompatible with Christianity. He said, "Had I ever encountered anything in Freemasonry incompatible with my Christian faith, I would, of course, have resigned at once."

However, the Archbishop felt differently.  According to the article, Dr. Williams invited Rev. Baker to a discussion to "reconsider" his membership in Masonry.  So we are left with the impression that Rev. Baker was strong-armed into leaving the Craft.

The article leaves us with the revelation from  2004, when it was discovered that Dr. Williams had repeatedly blocked the appointment of Freemasons to senior clerics while he was the Bishop of Monmouth.  Bigotry and ignorance rule the day once more.

There are two final points.  In a commentary on the article, Giles Fraser of the Church Times emphasized the point that the Church of England has a stance on Freemasonry...uneasiness.  While not officially banned, there have been numerous instances where Masons have been discriminated against or passed over for promotion.  This, despite having previously had Archbishops who were Freemasons.

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