Tuesday, June 7, 2011

GLNF Concerns

Bro.: Chris Hodapp covers the latest news about the apparent implosion of the GLNF.  The problem is an internal battle between the GLNF Grand Master Stifani and the members.  The primary issues seem to be the Grand Master's spending habits and openly dabbling in politics on behalf of the Grand Lodge.

According to the article, six European Grand Lodges (Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium) have already withdrawn recognition of the GLNF.  While no North American Grand Lodges have withdrawn recognition, it is rumoured that the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland may soon do so.  UGLE is scheduled to meet this month where this issue will likely be discussed as well.

This is a critical issue for Thailand.  GLNF has several lodges in Bangkok and Thailand with many members having joint membership in the Scottish, Irish, and English lodges in the country.  Removing recognition would be tragic for all of the members in Thailand.  The joint St. John meeting held by Lodge Tantawan, GLNF and Lodge St. John, SC is one of the best events on the Thai Masonic calendar.

We hope  the GLNF will soon resolve its issues and return to harmony quickly.

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