Monday, February 15, 2016

Freemasonry Universal

Sometimes I forget how lucky we are in Thailand.  We live in a a beautiful, sun-drenched country that is nominally stable; provides a variety of recreational opportunities; and that has some of the world's best beaches.  Not only that, but we host Masonic lodges from six different countries.

All this means that the average Mason in Thailand can see the Craft rituals in a multitude of ways beyond what is "normal" to them.  I was reminded of this after reading a Reddit thread on the differences between ritual between the various US Grand Lodges.

I can personally attest that there are significant differences in the workings of the various US Grand Lodges.  Just like in Thailand, some are minor and some significant.  But all usually end up in the same place.  That is, they all teach the great moral lessons of Freemasonry.  Despite the differences trappings, regalia, wording, language, or even where the officers are seated, that is the important thing.

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