Friday, February 5, 2016

Men Only

Just found an interesting article in the Dublin Inquirer.  Titled, Is It Time the Dublin Freemasons Let In Women, it raised the uncomfortable question of whether Freemasonry needs to move into the 21st century and allow women as full members.

The author, Conal Thomas raised several examples of social and golf clubs who've dropped their "phalliocentric atmoshphere."  While he glanced off the typical imagery used in articles on Freemasonry (you know, white, middle aged men donning collars and aprons in a musty old, darkened room), he quickly moves on.

But Thomas raised a good point.  Why do we segregate?  I have previously stated my reasons and they're on the FAQ of our site.  But just as I was starting to shrug my shoulders and mumble, Thomas brings it home with a comparison of gender-specific gyms and health classes.  He finishes with "is that substantially different?"

That's the point I try to make on our site.  Men (and women) need a space free of sexual tension or as he.might put it, the freedom to fart without embarrassing yourself in front of the ladies.  Having attended numerous ladies' nights, I can tell you that men behave differently in front of their wives.  Lodge gives men the freedom to relax and speak their minds more freely.

While we can nitpick with Thomas' understanding of what Freemasons are, I think it was a very interesting article and a question that we need to answer more forcefully than the Masons polled in this article.

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