Friday, February 19, 2016

NGOs Protest Penang Conference

More fury and frustration in Malaysia ahead of the International Scottish Masonic Conference in Penang.

Protesters shown in a photo on the Malay Mail Online article (see left) appear to be holding up sheets of paper with "Why Penang" on them.  Their budget appears not to be able to afford poster board, markers with multiple colors or even glitter.

But the question of "Why Penang" is strange to me.  After all, Penang is home to the oldest Scottish lodge in all Southeast Asia.  Lodge Scotia, No. 1003 SC was formed in 1903.  It has been part of the Malaysian experience through two World Wars and a variety of economic and social upheavals.

Freemasonry in Malaysia is just as colorful, diverse and interesting as it is in Thailand.  It's members come from every religion represented in the country...including Islam.  Surely in times such as these, we need organizations like Freemasonry to offer a place for men from very diverse backgrounds to come together and get to know one another better.  We need fewer angry voices waving sheets of paper and more strong voices singing the Opening Ode.

Our prayers continue to go to the brethren and their families attending this conference.

The Thai Freemason is the independent voice of Freemasonry in Thailand.

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