Saturday, February 27, 2016

UMNO Protesters on Video!

It seems like even the local press are slightly amused by the UMNO Youth protest of the recent International Scottish Masonic Conference in Penang, Malaysia these past few days.

The "rowdy crowd" of 20 red shirted protesters posed for cameras and gave pat responses.  Several men shouted "They are Jews and anti-Islam, they must respect us and stop this conference."  They said, disrespecting an organization that is not-anti-Islam, but rather promotes greater understanding between men of different races, cultures and beliefs.

The protesters eventually were allowed to enter the hotel, see an empty ballroom and declare victory.  Meanwhile conference attendees report that everything is fine and most didn't even know the protests were happening.

You can check out the video for yourself.  Of course, it's in Malay with no subtitles...but you'll catch on.

The Thai Freemason is the independent voice of Freemasonry in Thailand.

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