Sunday, December 31, 2006

Learning from Atheists

An interesting article passed my way today from the Freemason Pride discussion site. The article is actually from the American Atheist website and seeks to tie atheism to Freemasonry, the Illuminati and the Enlightenment. Tall order.

The article by Conrad Goeringer is long and winding, but contains nuggets of interesting information. He starts out by stating that atheism (and deism, which he does not distinguish from atheism) were the sparks for the Enlightenment. He rambles on identifying various non-Christian masons as sympathetic with the atheist (that is, anti-organized religion) cause. Here, the proof is not convincing and seems to be a mish-mash of tired old cliches.

The interesting bit comes when he starts getting into the actual history. His section on the Illuminati reveals that it was started by atheists as an alternative to the corruption of the Church. They were looking for ways to elevate mankind without the need for God -- or at least his Church.

For all the work these highly secretive men put into the organization, it died less than ten years after its inception under the weight of its own secrecy and the misdeeds of its leadership. The secrecy cut off lines of communication and prevented the real sharing of knowledge. The misdeeds were many and fantastic. One leader was caught trying to bed the wife of another. A third leader was constantly drunk. The founder, Adam Weishaupt was no angel either. Turns out that in between his lamenting about the wretched excesses of the Church, he had been bedding his sister-in-law.

The best part of the article, was the very thorough discussion of my favorite prankster, Leo Taxil. For those of you who don't know, Leo is the source of most of the anti-Masonic charges and literature in use today. He was an ardent atheist and devised a plan to swindle the Catholic Church while making them all look like fools.

Taxil pretended to repent of his sins and began to work for the Church. He published a magazine outlining the sins of the Freemasons. Much to the delight of his atheist colleagues and friends, Taxil whipped the Catholic faithful into a frenzy with stories of Freemasons worshipping Lucifer, Baphomet and engaging in orgies beyond belief. He invented quotes by Albert Pike which are still in use on various anti-Masonic web sites today. He even invented a character to do most of the confessing. Diana Vaughn, supposed daugher of an reknowned Satanist was described as the head of all Freemasonry. She told of orgies and ritual sacrifices and lots of other interesting tidbits.

Eventually the scheme fell apart when Taxil could not produce Miss Vaughn for a press conference. It was then that he spilled the whole story to the press, thanking the clergy and laymen who unwittingly helped him perpetrate such a grand hoax. Even though the stories were revealed as falsehoods, they remain in use today by the enemies of the Craft.

The article is long, but parts of it are well worth a read by Freemasons wanting to learn more about the Craft.



Saturday, December 30, 2006

Holiday Greetings

Greetings one and all. Hope you all had a great Christmas and are getting ready for a peaceful new year. Although in Bangkok that can be difficult.

One of the things I've recently discovered is the joy of YouTube. In addition to the white-boy rap and stupid-guy-falling-on-things videos, there are a couple of gems.

A quick search for "Freemason" reveals a number of interesting things. First of all, there's a very prolific band out there named Freemasons. Their music is crap, but their videos feature a great deal of cleavage...for those of you who like that sort of thing.

The second is the large number of anti-Masonic garbage out there. In particular a number of videos revealing the fact that we (Freemasons, that is) led the charge on the twin towers on 9/11 and continue to stoke the fires of war to better enable our brethren to sell bombs, planes and toy trains. These videos (especially the John Conner ones) are just crap. They were created by someone who memorized Stephen Knight's Brotherhood and the various other Jack Chick-like creations.

After you get through all the crap, you'll find actual videos from actual Grand Lodges! These are good. They offer a balanced and knowledgeable introduction to the Craft. But what's the point? They don't talk about Baphomet at all! :)

I'm waiting for Bro. Barrie to compile his own video and put it on the web. Hopefully its not the one where I'm sleeping during Harmony!

Happy New Year everybody!


Saturday, December 16, 2006

One More Time Please!

Brethren all,

Being the powerful internet magnet that I am (my ads made $3.43 last week!), I often receive interesting bits and bobs. Some of these are stolen and used in the Tracing Board and others are meant to be used ... but never quite make it.

Since I have no intention of putting out a Tracing Board during Christmas (the beating by my family would be too severe), here's some interesting stuff. Bro. Hugh Young puts out a monthly newsletter called One More Time Please. This month's issue is about the Compasses. Check it out at Intelligent web surfers will realize they can go to and subscribe to Bro. Young's newsletter themselves. Then you can see how much I steal!


LPWW January Meeting

Greetings all! Hope you're having a great holiday season.

I'm informed that Lodge Pattaya West Winds, No. 1803 SC will hold their regular meeting on 13th January in Pattaya. Please contact the lodge secretary if you would like to attend. If you're a new visitor, please provide the usual details (name, rank and lodge).


Monday, December 11, 2006

Scottish Installations (a.k.a. "Haggis-fest")

Mark your calendars. The weekend long installations of all four Scottish lodges in Thailand will take place on the last weekend in January not in mid-February as previously reported by some disreputable source (sorry!).

According to Bro. Tom, "Lodge St John No. 1072 S.C. & Lodge Ratanakosin No. 1833 S.C. on Friday 26th January in Bangkok, whilst the Installation Meetings for Lodge Lane Xang No. 1632 S.C. and Lodge Pattaya West Winds No. 1803 S.C. on Saturday 27th January in Pattaya.

If you want a Masonic FEAST (some might say a Masonic Marathon) this would be a weekend not to be missed. There will be Masons from all over the region."

Contact for more details and reservations. Oh and bring a taste for haggis. It will be served with great fanfare on both nights!


Friday, December 8, 2006

Phuket S&C Club

Looks like the brethren down south in Phuket are getting ready to hold another Square and Compasses lunch. This month's lunch will be Saturday, 16th December. According to the lodge secretary, the menu includes:

All day fried breakfast including deviled kidneys, Banana split or fruit salad. All for the low, low price of THB 395.

Leave it to the English to make kidneys sound tasty.

Please contact the lodge secretary at to reserve your seat.


Thursday, December 7, 2006

Church of England

Sorry for multiple posts in a day, but an interesting article popped into my Inbox.

The July 2006 issue of Masonic Quarterly magazine has a lead issue on the most famous English Churchman to become a Freemason. The article, tracks the life of the Right Honourable and Most Reverend Dr Geoffrey Francis Fisher. I've summarized a few points here.

He was ordained as a priest in 1913 and a year later was appointed Headmaster of Repton, a public school in Derbyshire.

Bro. Fisher was initiated into Freemasonry into Old Reptonian Lodge, No. 3725 in Freemasons' Hall, London in 1916.

His clerical career proceeded along nicely with his promotion to the Bishop of Chester in 1932. Meanwhile his Masonic career also continued as he was elected Master of his lodge in 1935 and appointed Provincial Grand Chaplain a year later. He was given the rank of Grand Chaplain of the UGLE in 1937.

After World War II, Geoffrey Fisher was appointed as the Archbishop of Cantebury and held the office until 1961. Throughout his appointment as Archbishop, Bro Fisher continued to be active in Freemasonry even unto his death in 1972.
It's a fantastic article and MQ is a must-read for any Freemason.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

December Chula Meeting

Bangkok's premier English lodge will meet this month. Chula Lodge, No. 9745 will meet on 16 December. Please contact the lodge secretary at for time and place.


Sunday, December 3, 2006

Long Live the King!

The team here at the Thai Freemason offers hearty happy birthday wishes to his majesty, the King of Thailand.

The King celebrates his 80th birthday on December 5th. Please check here for full details.



News & Events -- December 1, 2006

Times running out for you and your best beloved if you want to go to the Lodge Pattaya West Winds Ladies Night. Please contact the lodge secretary for details at

Requests have come in from the web about Chiang Mai. Any brethren in the area interested in getting together drop me a line at

Don't forget to book your place for the annual St John's Festival at the Lodge St. John Masonic Hall. Please contact the secretary at for details.
Speaking of Lodge St. John, they are finally on the web. Click for details. Thanks for the plug guys.

Finally, you may have noticed the tasteful and interesting ads that have been added to the site. Clicking these ads provides you with a free look at interesting products and services and provides this web page with a few pennies to pay for its upkeep. There's no cost to you and you might actually learn something (like how the Illuminati and Freemasons have conspired to rule the world). I've tried to fix them so that you won't see any ads from lovely, Thai women seeking rich, foreign husbands. If you see any ads you object to, let me know. I'll filter them.