Tuesday, March 20, 2007

LPWW March Meeting

This just in from our friends in the east (Thailand, that is).

Dear Sir and Brother,

Find attached herewith the Invitation and Summons, circulated by email for the Regular Meeting to be held on Saturday, 14th April 2007 in Pattaya.

To Lodge Members: Just a reminder, that if you are not attending the Masonic meeting and Harmony, can you please inform the Bro. Secretary and apologize accordingly. If no notification is forthcoming dinner will be ordered for you.

To all Masonic visitors.
If you intend to visit LPWW on Saturday, 14th April 2007 and attend the Meeting and Harmony, can inform
Bro. Secretary accordingly.
At the Harmony, our RWM will continue with his RWM's Charity Appeal for 2007, which is for the Jester's Care for Kids Charity, Pattaya.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Phuket S&C Club

This just in:

Brethren and Gentleman,

The next Square and Compasses lunch will take place Saturday 24th March at 13:00 hrs.


Frankfuter Bohnensuppe mit Gurkesalat

Die Schweinshax'n mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffelsalat

Thai Baht 395.

Should any of you have unusual dietary requirements please liaise with Chef John Hogg at TGM. Please reply to: Secretary to ensure your place.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Light of Siam Ladies Night

This just in from Light of Siam (Phuket) :

Please don’t forget our Ladies Night. Saturday 31st March. It’s not too late to make your reservation and come along. A unique opportunity to enjoy the elegance and culinary delights of The MERIDIEN HOTEL at Nai Harn for the bargain price of THB 2,000 including a welcome drink and ½ a bottle of wine per head. An occasion that promises to be most enjoyable and an evening to enjoy the company of your Brethren and friends and accompanied by our ladies, who will have a chance to display their finest.

Please contact the secretary for details.

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Upcoming Meetings

Brethren all,

I've recently received a flurry of invitations for upcoming meetings. I'm sharing these with you.

Star in the East, No. 1600 (GLNF). The world's newest and only English speaking French lodge will hold their first meeting on 16 March. A fraternal Agape will be held afterward. Cost is THB 500. Contact the secretary for details.

Chula Lodge, No. 9745 (EC) will hold their installation on Saturday, 17 March. Festive Board will be held afterwards. Cost is THB 1850. Contact the secretary for details.

Light of Siam Lodge, No. 9791 (EC) will hold their March S&C meeting on Saturday, 24 March in Phuket. More details later.

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Friday, March 9, 2007

Masonic Scams

Brethren all,

I was a bit surprised this morning to find both GLoS and UGLE reporting internet Masonic scams. This seems to be similar to the old "Nigerian" scam where instead of helping somebody spirit millions of dollars out of Nigeria, you're the sudden and unexpected recipient of a reward.

From the examples on the UGLE site, it seems to be targeted to non-Masons. The wording alone is enough to alarm any Mason, but the profane might be taken in.

"Take due notice and guard yourself accordingly.'

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