Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Steward's Catechism

Brethren all,

This is extremely top secret! A brother in Bangkok has uncovered the lost Masonic texts of the Bar Steward. Herewith for the first time (today) is published ...


Q1. How were you first prepared to be made a Steward?

A My coat sleeves, shirtsleeves and vest sleeves were rolled up and a corkscrew placed in my hand.

Q2. What is a corkscrew?

A An instrument fashioned like a winding staircase which our ancient Brethren ascended to receive their beer.

Q3. Where did they receive it?

A In a convivial room above the Chamber.

Q4. How did they receive it?

A In half Tankards and Tankards.

Q5 Why in this peculiar manner?

A. In half Tankards well knowing that they could be replenished and in Tankards from the great reliance they placed in the strength of the brew in those days.

Q6. Name the two advertisements that hung at the door or entrance to the Chamber?

A That on the left was Bass and that on the right Guinness.

Q7. What are their separate and joint significations?

A The former denotes number 1, the latter XXX and when taken together – instability.

Q8. What is beer?

A A peculiar product of chemistry veiled in mystery and illustrated by labels.

Q9. How is it illustrated?

A By a sprig of hops close to a barrel of water.

Forwarded to me by a brother who got it from a brother who got it...


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Monday, October 29, 2007

Morakot Lodge Installation

Brethren all,

Mark your calendars. Its time for the annual installation of Morakot Lodge No. 945, IC this Saturday, 3rd November in Bangkok.

The cost of the banquet will be THB 1,850 inclusive of cocktails, wines, spirits and all other drinks. Ladies are welcome to join the banquet.

Tyling is at 16:30. They're expecting a crowd, so make sure you RSVP to the Junior Warden as quickly as possible.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Five Worst Things You Can Do in a Meeting

Ah...the sanctity of open lodge. Sealed off from the burdens of the outside world. Enveloped in the warm, harmony of the assembled brethren...and then somebody's phone rings.

This list of the worst things you can do in a meeting popped into my Inbox this morning from the Tech Republic website. Though not Masonic in nature, they are very good ideas for conduct within the lodge.

Some of the lodges issue a fine of THB 500 (approximately US$15) for a ringing cell phone during lodge. That's good, but this article focuses on more ideas to limit interruptions in order to maintain focus on the candidate and harmony within the lodge.

Check it out.

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More Fun at DGLME

Brethren all,

If you're planning to head down to Singapore for the Annual Communication of the (Scottish) District Grand Lodge of the Middle East (DGLME), then make sure to get there a little early so you can take in the Installation Meeting of Lodge St Andrew, No. 1437 (SC). This will be held on Friday, 26th October 2007 at Freemasons Hall in Singapore.

Please contact Bro. Secretary if you are planning to attend.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lodge St John Ladies Evening -- 1959

Brethren all,

I was just trolling around on the web when I came across something interesting. It's a letter from a British Embassy wife, who along with her husband were guests of R. W. M. Bill Jervis at the 1959 Lodge St John Ladies Evening.

Anyone who has endured one of these will immediately recognize the first few paragraphs: enduring hot, stuffy ballrooms; standing for toasts; devouring tons of food; standing for more toasts; and finally the elegant witty reply on behalf of the ladies assembled. The one major difference is the dancing after the dinner.

It's beautifully described in detail. It just makes you want to swat the mosquitoes while you're reading it.

The second part of the letter describes a Thai wedding in the same beautiful detail.

Please give it a look.

Best regards,


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