Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Online Poll!


First and foremost let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas (belated) and a Happy New Year. Sorry my Christmas greetings are late, but my Christmas this year was particularly merry despite the economy!

At any rate, I'm researching a paper and need your help. I've spent the last several weeks trying to understand the attitudes of the various Christian churches towards Freemasonry. Then I realized I really didn't understand the general Masonic attitude towards religion. I know what our ritual says, but what do we do in our everyday lives?

To help answer that question, I've devised a poll at the Thai Freemason site. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could drop by for a few minutes and answer some questions. Don't worry, your answers will remain private, but I will post the final results here for all to see.

Thanks for the help and hope you have a spectacular 2009!



Saturday, December 20, 2008

Welsh Bigotry

I was a bit alarmed by this article from the Wales Online website. An apparently qualified applicant was turned down by the Welsh First Minister, Rhodri Morgan simply because he was a Freemason.

According to Mr. Morgan, "My concern derived from the salience of freemasonry, reflected in debates in the standards committee and the Assembly as a whole."

It's sad to see that leaders are so easily influenced by salacious rumors and gossip from the internet and the vapid nonsense of books like "The Brotherhood".

All I want for Christmas is some common sense in this world!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

St John's Day

Brethren all,

We're getting ready to see yet another reminder of why being a Freemason in Thailand is a wonderful thing. For the past few years, two lodges from two different Grand Lodges (and languages) have joined together to celebrate the Feast of St John the Evangelist.

Lodge St John, No 1072 SC is the kingdom's oldest lodge. They hold their annual elections every year on St Johns Day. R.L. Star in the East, No. 1600 GLNF is the kingdom's newest lodge and the world's only English speaking GLNF (French) lodge. Star and the other GLNF lodges hold a table lodge on both St John Days each year.

In recent years, both lodges have celebrated together. This year, the joint celebration will be on December 29th at the Lodge St John Masonic Hall in Bangkok. The evening will start of at 18:30 with the Lodge St John elections and will be followed by the actual festival downstairs led by Star in the East at 20:30.

I've been to a few of these events and I've always enjoyed them. Its a wonderful evening of Masonic fellowship, good food, good wine and lively discussion.

If you're in Bangkok and would like to attend, please contact the Star in the East Secretary for cost, menu and details.



150 Years of Singapore Freemasonry

Brethren all,

Well, it looks like our brethren down south are celebrating 150 years of the Craft in Singapore. We congratulate them on this impressive feat! Anyone who's ever visited the lodge there can attest to the beautiful facilities and warm welcome extended to visiting brethren.

Check out a couple of articles in the local and regional press on the anniversary.



Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baan Dada Charity

Brethren all,

This just popped into my Inbox, so I thought I'd let you know about it. If you or your lodge would like to support this program, please contact them directly.


Dear Thai Freemason,

My name is Marni Gilbert, I am a New Zealander who is currently volunteering at Baan Dada Children's Home in Sangklaburi, Thailand.

Baan Dada is a shelter for displaced Mon, Karen, Burmese, and Thai children. We provide them with an education, the stability of three meals a day, and a loving environment. We are also involved in many community livelihood projects, such as a fish raising project, a goat lending project and an eye care program. Please see our website for more details about our home and what we have accomplished.

At the moment we are trying to fundraise for a vaccination program. In the target areas (21 villages) the children have not recieved vaccines for over 2.5 years. Our target start date for this program is January 2009.

For one child to be vaccinated for life, it takes only 480 Thai Baht. That is approximately 14.00 US dollars. The target number of children for 2009 is 2607. the program will provide Diptheria-Tetanus-Pertusis Vaccine, Oral-Polio Vaccine, Measles Vaccine, and Tuberculosis Vaccine.

If you, your organization, or anyone you know of would be interested in sponsoring a child to be vaccinated, or any part of this program, please email us and we will send you the project proposal. It is possible to donate online, through our website Remember, any amount , big or small, will make the difference! Your support is greatly appriciated, by us and the thousands of children we will reach with this program.

Sincerely Marni Gilbert --



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Life Goes On

Despite all of the chaos and frustration currently going on in the kingdom, it seems our brethren are made of sterner stuff. As of this writing, lodge meetings are still being held.

Brethren are advised to stay vigilant and if the situation deteriorates, then check with your lodge secretary prior to the meeting. Do not put yourself at risk to attend a meeting. Use the good sense God gave you!