Friday, March 5, 2010

Black History Month Celebrated

Brethren all,

As a follow-up on an event we advertised earlier this month, we were delighted to receive some photos from the Black History Month Celebration sponsored by Siam Military Lodge and others. 



Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Square Comedian

Brethren all,

Although I don't get BBC Wales on the TV in my secret, underground, far-western hideout, this looks interesting!

Portrait of a Freemason: Comedian, Lloyd Davies

"I went along to watch some football the other day, I asked a guy on the side-line 'Who's playing?' he said 'the knights templar and the freemasons' so I asked what the score was and he said 'nobody knows 'cos it's secret'... "

Stand-up comedian Lloyd Davies, from Neath, talks about why and how he became a freemason. BBC Wales' Week In Week Out programme has been given exclusive access to film masons - to get inside the world of the 20,000 freemasons in Wales, and to try to unravel the fact from the fiction.  The programme will be shown on BBC1 Wales on 2 March at 22.35 GMT.